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Jan 26, 2020 | Team Histories

It all started in 2016 when the Intergalactic Cup 2 tournament was announced. In fact, Saps was founded before, but didn’t take it seriously because everyone thought it was a troll action. Applications were opened and those who felt lonely and proud filled out the form. I filled out the form because I wanted to join the tournament even though my team couldn’t go to the tournament. I felt that I could really enjoy the SAPS team with “Single and Proud” motto.

One of the classic photos of SAPS, in front of women’s dormitory.

As you can see, SAPS is a mixed team, but even though Intergalactic 2 was a two-day tournament, we were already a big family at the end of the tournament.

Although the team has been formed in different tournaments over the years with the participation of different athletes, the team has aimed to go to success with fun and still aims to do so.

Forget all the teams you are in and know. If the team is participating in a tournament anywhere in the world, apply without hesitation. Experience how much fun and amazing Quidditch actually is in SAPS.

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