Qeurovision: A Quidditch Song Contest

May 27, 2020 | Tournaments

Qeurovision started as an idea in my head somewhere in March. Quidditch had already been cancelled due to the covid-19 measures in our country, and when I heard that Eurovision would also be cancelled, it just felt like a little too much.

“What if we could organize a quidditch Eurovision, where all NGBs can submit a quidditch-related song?”

I’d already seen the wonderful videos from people in Italy making music from their balconies to support each other in these strange times, so I felt that music could really make a difference for the quidditch community as well. I also thought

“Well, I really don’t have the time to be doing this now, I shouldn’t do it.”

Participating Nations

But the idea stuck, and I finally decided to give it a shot. I set up a Facebook page, created an e-mail address, and contacted all NGBs on the IQA website to see if they would be interested. My original idea was that it would be great if I only received a few songs, and that we could maybe do a Google Form for the voting at the end to see who would win.

That was before Cindy and Laurens decided to join the team. Neither of us had the time to organize a competition like this, but neither of us was willing to let the idea go.

We all have a few years of experience in quidditch volunteering and we apparently share a mutual passion for Eurovision. It has been great to work together on this project, and we’re amazed by the positive response we’ve received from the community. We now have 15 NGBs participating, and the quality of the songs and videos is much better than we’d hoped, especially considering how everyone had to make their music in these strange lockdown circumstances.

We’ve been able to set up interviews with the different candidates, and the idea of the Google Form has been replaced by an actual live show, with an incredible opening act, the reveal of the videos, a trickshot competition (submissions welcome!) and a point reveal that – thanks to Laurens’ incredible hard work behind the scenes – will almost feel like an actual Eurovision show.

Utility Apparel is the main sponsor of the event.

We’re very excited about the project, and we were extremely happy to find that same excitement with the people from Utility. It just clicked when we talked about the event, and it’s obvious that – just like us – they want to help the community through these difficult times by doing something that can bring us closer together while staying physically apart. The support from Utility greatly increased the quality of our event, and we’re very happy that the winners will receive Utility Apparel gift vouchers, to celebrate their Qeurovision victory in a more tangible way.

Don’t forget to follow QEurovision Facebook page for the live stream on May 30th!

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