Limited Working Capacity Due To The COVID-19 Outbreak

Mar 21, 2020 | Announcements

Hi Dear Utility Apparel Lover,

There are some news we have to inform you about.

As you know, the pandemic COVID-19 is a threat to all human beings and this accordingly brings about a potential problem in the working environment. Considering the health and concerns of our employees, we have had to make a decision.

We have decided to stop the functions of our production unit for at least a week until a second notice. The employees in the production unit will not be working but the design and customer service unit will be working from their home.

We are deeply sorry about this news and not being able to serve you at this time. But we strongly believe that our customers can understand this unusual situation.

You can still place your orders on our website but please keep in mind that we don’t guarantee any estimated time of delivery at the moment.

Let’s hope that this awkward situation will disappear in a short while and we will start bringing you the best quality again in the very near future.

UPDATE ON 29 APRIL 2020: After taking all the necessary precautions for our employees, we have started production again with limited capacity. However, there might be delays on orders. Due to the lockdown, the Turkish Post Office doesn’t work until further notice. We’ve managed to partner with a logistics firm for your orders. You can either select your order to be shipped after Post Office opens or shipped immediately within the new partner.

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