How to Get the Perfect QuidGift for Your QuidCrush 101

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We all have crushes, and some of us have quidditch crushes, as I would like to refer: QuidCrushes. Having a crush might be fun; however, quidcrushes could be confusing. It is always better to have a clear answer to your feelings. If you don’t take an action on time, the flames may die away and the little possibility for love would expire. Saying you have taken an action, but youre afraid to be friend-zoned, then the perfect opportunity has come for you.

What can you do?

You can buy a jersey or a hoodie for your quidcrush from Utility Apparel. It would be an innocent gift since your quidcrush is actually a quidditch player. Regarding the response you receive you can plan your next moves. If they are too surprised and questioning this sudden gift, then I am sorry, but your feelings may not be mutual. On the other hand, if they are happy enough to forget to ask you the reason for you buying the gift, even better, trying it on immediately, then than means green light!


You can buy the jersey of your team as a souvenir; it would be both meaningful and friendly. Or you can buy their favorite team’s jersey to show that you listened and cared.


I mean, who doesn’t love hoodies? It would be a handy gift that they can use anytime.

Those who already had passed through the quidcrush stage and met the happy ending, don’t be sad! You can always buy presents to make your partner smile. Sometimes little surprises can revive the relationship. Also, a little bird told me that Utility Apparel will be launching an underwear collection soon 😉

PRO TIP: Consider the favourite color of your quidcrush and find a jersey with that color.

Matching Jerseys

It may sound cliché, but matching jerseys are sweet and meaningful. Or you can have your anniversary date printed on your jerseys or a date that has significant importance for you.

Pride Collection

Love wins after all but showing your love with these lovely zippers would mean a lot!

Countdown to Buy 1 Get 1 Jersey for QuidCrushes








Try not to miss out on the special days of discounts on the website. Check out the site on special occasions, like New Year or Valentine’s Day. This way you can both save some money and make a nice gesture.


“I hope you realize that every day is a fresh start for you. That every sunrise is a new chapter in your life waiting to be written.” ― Juansen Dizon, Confessions of a Wallflower

You read all the way down there and still missing something?

A quidcrush?

Don’t worry! we got you. You can join the army of singles, SAPS!

If you are Single And Proud, there is not another option for you!

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