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Aug 19, 2019 | Team Histories

We lost our 1st French cup against the Paris Frog more than a month later after our birth. But it made us work harder! One month later we won our 1st international tournament: Tournoi de la Violette in Toulouse (France) and took our revenge against the Quercs during the final.

After this strong message sent to the European community we kept working hard. Our goal at this time was to win the most important title for all European teams: the European Quidditch Cup!

When we discovered our group we were really thrilled: Turkish’ champion METU Unicorn and UK champion Southampton! What a group to start on the European pitches! The game against was expected to be THE game of the EQC 2015 day 1. And what a game it was! After that we won game after game to claim the ultimate title against the former champion Oxford Chimeras!

The next season we trained in the same way and, in February 2016, we won the French title and took our revenge against the 1st French champion Paris Frog Quidditch. We have never left the 1st place in France since that win. And the same season we won our second EQC title in Gallipoli, against the Dodos (former Antwerp Quidditch Club).

Our third season was definitely a tough one. As we are still reigning in France European clubs keep working harder and harder to improve their quidditch and win the EQC. And it happened… we lost our quarter finals against NTNUI during EQC 2017. We ended at the 5th place after a close game against the Velociraptor. This was a signal for us: we need to change something to be better.

Because we were a lot (like… A LOT!) during the 2017-2018 season we decided to create the Olympiens. In that way everyone in the team can access the competition. As Titans finished 1st again against the Paris Frog Quidditch the Olympiens ended 6th and did not access the EQC but they did really well for a 1st appearance at the French Cup. The Titans reclaimed the European title in a really intense game against Antwerp Quidditch Club.

The last season (2018-2019) was really intense thanks to the two European divisions and the second season of the French leagues. The Olympiens are still working hard and growing up. They ended 3rd at the French EQC qualifier and 5th at the French cup. Both Titans and Olympiens took part in the EQC D1 this season. It was a really good and intense moment! We went to the venue in a coach all together from Paris. The win of the Titans was only after really, really intense, tough and close games against teams which are getting stronger and stronger and THAT is really EXCITING for the European quidditch.

The Olympiens discovered the European level and did not win a single game during the group phase. They won 2 games on day 2 and lost their last game against Mammoths Quidditch Club in a really pleasant game!

We started this season (2019-2020) with the same ambitions as the previous ones: keep all the titles for the Titans and going further and further for the Olympiens (and defeat the Titans of course)!

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