New Names, A Brighter Future: Hacettepe Quidditch

Feb 1, 2020 | Team Histories

Two new names have shown itself on this previous Turkish Quidditch Cup (TQC); which were Hacettepe Pegasus and Hacettepe Thestrals; however, do not let it mislead you. Hacettepe Quidditch Society is one of the oldest forms in quidditch association in general. Recently I had the utmost pleasure to interview their beloved team members Mert Ayduman and Aydın Berk Bedük and had the chance to hear their opinion on the upcoming European Quidditch Cup 2020 and Turkish Quidditch League.

For a little background information, we should go back to 2015. One of the very first quidditch teams of Turkey, METU Phoenix, was established by some group of people from different universities and high school students. After a while METU and Bilkent students decided to leave and the high school and Hacettepe students kept going with Phoenix. Not for a long time Phoenix was the only team of Hacettepe University, then Shades Quidditch was established.  

Mert Ayduman – Zeynep Yıldızdan – Aydın Berk Bedük

The sweet rivalry reminds us the similar situation with ODTÜ Hippogriffs and METU Unicorns. However, the rivalry didn’t take long and they merged the two teams with names of Hacettepe Quidditch A and Hacettepe Quidditch B team, and also kept Phoenix as a C team to cherish the legacy. That year, Hacettepe Quidditch A had won the silver medal in TQC and qualified to play in EQC for the first time of their history. Finally, this year they have decided to continue on their way with two teams and changed the names of the them as; Hacettepe Quidditch A being Hacettepe Pegasus and Hacettepe Quidditch B being Hacettepe Thestrals.

Ömer Faruk  Baysan – EQC 2019
(c) Honeybadger Quidditch Photography

As mentioned, 2019 was their first EQC experience and they had the 21st place on their first time. Interviewees pointed out that they couldn’t attend with their full force due to some visa and injury problems, and also they had severe injuries on the tournament as well, which was a huge unfortunate for them; but, they have proved themselves to be qualified enough to play with Europe’s bests! Their first match in the tournament was with Europe’s Best team Paris Titans, and for those who had watched the game, we really believed that Hacettepe Quidditch A could have won the game. With a score of 110-160* they made sure that their names were heard. In addition to the matches, EQC was also hard for them due to the extreme cold weather conditions that they were not expected. Given that these people are living in Ankara it must have been really cold. Anyhow, none of them regrets to be a part of it despite of the negativities. They have also qualified for EQC 2020 as well. They are more ambitious and even more eager to have fun and come back home with a medal on their necks.

Baran Sınırtaş – EQC 2019
(c) Gio Fiorino

Aydın Berk Bedük – EQC 2019
(c) Elstad Quidditch Photography

For the expectations about the league, they have some interesting statements. As Mert told in the interview;

Favourite teams on the league had some major changes due to graduations and conflicts between teammates. Hacettepe’s newcomers seem to be strong and they believe that they will be able to adapt a more European style of defense based on physical contact, in addition to the bludger defense.

Also, they have seen in EQC that fast break attacks, which are pretty common in Turkey, are no longer useful and they are playing to have a more controlled and disciplined form in means of attacking. As Mert mentioned, we cannot ignore the fact that previous players had also improved themselves on this period. With Hacettepe Quidditch being successful the monopoly of METU will collapse, says Mert. 

Hacettepe Quidditch is also in the game with ODTÜ Hippogriffs and METU Unicorns and they are improving day by day. This fun, cozy and lovely team brings a wonderful joy to our community and we wish nothing but the best for them on their journey in both EQC and the league.

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