Editor’s Choice: The Best Online Games to Play With Your Mates

Mar 26, 2020 | Team Building

In the era of lockdowns and global pandemics, we are forced to stay at home! But that doesn’t mean we will lose our team spirit and fall apart! We should exercise at home, take care of our eating habit and of course, keep in touch with our loved ones & mates!

Today we’ve prepared the 10 games we loved the most for you to play with your team. I hope those games will boost your communication and help you to have fun together on those quarantine days.

1. Tabletop Simulator

Frankly, calling this one a game might be underrating it. It is more of a game library.

It is possible to play every game and mod once it is purchased on the steam services. Besides the games it has, it allows people to create their own games. Because of this ability, you may see every desktop game available being modded and added to the simulator library. This is exactly why I chose this one as an editor’s choice. From the simplest games to the most complex ones, they are all available on “workshops” at the Steam Platform.

The only thing you need to do is to follow the page of the mod you want to play. Afterwards, you may start the game by selecting the desired mod from the menu.

No need to say that the game offers multiplayer opportunities. Even if a channel has reached its quota, you can still enter the game as a watcher. This way, inexperienced players can learn the game faster by watching the others playing it. Additionally, the game has its own voice chat. Players who do not want to use a third-party chat feature can also take advantage of this opportunity.

2. Cards Against Humanity

Although it is a card game as its name suggests, it has variations that can be played on many platforms. It is a multiplayer game; however, everyone plays individually.

It is simply played as follows:

A player is elected (Card Czar) to execute decisions.

A black card is revealed and everyone is dealt a certain number of cards from the white deck. On the revealed black card, some parts of the sentences are missing.

Players try to fill the blanks in the most absurd way with the cards in their hands.

Czar collects the cards anonymously to remain unbiased (there is no need for this on digital platforms, the game handles itself).

The Czar chooses their favourite card and a score is written in the cardholder’s digit.

The end of the game is determined according to the point limit to be set.


This is a game that we strongly recommend playing with teams to get to know each other better!

3. Town of Salem

It is a version of a group game, mostly known as werewolf, with an extremely extended range of roles. You can play it for free on mobile, or get paid versions from the browser or Steam.

It is a perfect group game since it offers up to 15 players. Players are included in certain alignments because of the roles determined randomly within the game. While the evil roles know each other, the people of the village know neither the good folk nor the evil beasts. Therefore, people make judgements based on the chat they make with other players. The main purpose is to win the game.

This only happens when an alignment wins by eliminating all the oppositions. Although the game has a chat bar, I recommend using a third-party voice chat tool like Discord for a smooth and easy gameplay.

4. New Phone, Who Dis?

A game just like Cards Against Humanity. The method of playing is the same; yet, the content and the situations are different.

There are two decks in the game as “sent” and “response”.  According to the sent card, the players answer the message with one of their cards. Card Czar in that round also chooses the most suitable card and points are written in the cardholder’s digit. 

You can find it in the workshop of Tabletop Simulator.

5. UNO

It’a classic group game that almost everyone knows.

The main goal is to try to finish the cards that the player is dealt. Yet, due to the special cards in the deck, there are lots of intrigues in the game. Unlike the deck version, you can find additional content on the digital version. This includes different rules and game decks.

You can access Standalone UNO game on Steam; however, if you added Tabletop Simulator to your library, you can play UNO modes for free. But specifically I will give you the Facebook Instant Game link so you can play UNO with your friends in your Facebook Messenger Group.

6. What Do You Meme?

It is a game similar to New Phone and Who is Dis.

The difference is that the card pops up is a meme. A Czar is determined, as in the other games. From the caption deck distributed to the players, the most suitable card for the meme that opens up is selected by the Czar. The winner gets the score. You can play the game on Steam, in Tabletop Simulator.

7. Skribbl.io

It is a group game that includes scoring and is played on browser.

There are two roles in the game: A drawer and those who predict.

The drawer changes every round. The goal for the person who draws is to describe the word they draws quickly and to as many people as possible. For those who predict, the main purpose is to make the fastest guess. Points are awarded accordingly and the winner is the one with the highest score in total.

It is a free game as it is played through the browser. You can play it with your friends by forming your own game room. I recommend using a third-party voice chat, even though it is not needed; because, the real fun part of this game is when you get to talk about the drawings with your friends!

8. Wilds.io

A free hack n slash game game played on the browser.

A browser game cannot be described precisely like this; yet, this is the true mechanics of the game. Battles are fought as group or in teams.

The goal in these battles may vary depending on the game mode. For instance, while playing in football mode, the main goal is to score a goal. In this mode, you can also dribble and swing the ax. Killing an opponent does not earn you points; but, this player won’t be on the game for the rest of the game process. That would save you some time to score a goal.

Of course, there are other modes where the aim is to only fight. You might want to try it as a team.

9. Squadd.io

It is a war game that can be played on the browser.

There are modes that you can team up or fight individually; yet, it is more fun to play it with friends. However, it can be a little difficult to enter the common server. There is a development process since there is another phase for the registration of the character.

Players who play the game for a long time can give you a hard time; but it is unlikely for you to face such difficulties between teams, since the level system of the game won’t let the level gap increase among your team. This specialty offers you an easier gameplay.

10. Alien Swarm

Last but not least, it is really one of the best action games that can be played as a co-op.

I put it at the end of the list because it was released in 2010. But, don’t let the year mislead you, its gameplay and image quality are way above average. You are spraying aliens that flock on you with the team that you have formed. Due to the weapon and different alien types, you can increase the excitement in your progress by changing tactics and equipment.

The game has been released by Valve and still is available on Steam. It is also free. Be sure to add it to your library.

At the end of the list; you might ask why there were no AAA or AA game suggestions. It was my priority to propose games that can strengthen ties by increasing the communication among the team members.

At these times when we are isolated from people, I preferred to offer you cooperative games instead of competitive games. I made sure that it was games that can be talked and laughed during the game playing (except a few). I hope this list serves its purpose and can strengthen ties within the team.

Greetings from a mate whom you have never seen from Turkey 🇹🇷 😉

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