#BombardaBOOM History of Bombarda Brixia Quidditch Club

Dec 6, 2019 | Team Histories

Bombarda Brixia Quidditch Club was created in 2015 in Brescia, Italy and, since the beginning, this is the team the youngest players in Italy, with an average of 19 years old. They choosed the “bombarda” as logo (a type of cannon) to represent their “charge” and black and tiffany as official colours. Thanks to the team of Bologna, few of them managed to play in their first Italian Quiddich Cup as Hinkypunks in 2015, but after that experience they played every year as official team, associated to the Italian Quidditch Association. 

They improved very quickly: they were in second place in Girone Nord (which is the tournament held among the teams in northern italy) in 2016 and 2017, and always managed to be among the top 5 teams in all national competitions. Still, they have never been to the European Quidditch Cup, but they are aiming high for the next EQC qualifier (it will be held by the end of January 2020) and they are hosting also the Division 2 of next year European Quidditch Cup.

Bombarda Brixia at Brooms Up

From 2015 to 2018, only two players joined the Italian National Team, but five players managed to play in Bamberg for the European Games 2019, where Italy came in fifth, the best result the National Team ever got. We can say that since 2018 many things happened for the team: not only so many players joined the national team, but also the sports nonprofit association was created: “Polisportiva Bombarda Brixia A.S.D.”, which includes quidditch and floball, a new game invented in Italy few years before.

Furthermore, they organized the first fantasy tournament in their city, called S.W.I.M.(Summer War In Magno). Many players from all around Europe went to the town of Magno to play, and that was an amazing experience for both the players and the organizers. For this season, “Bombardas” are ready to do their best in a brand new “Utility”-style (design by Claudia Simoncelli).

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