8 Flag Football Matches You’d Enjoy!

Apr 2, 2020 | Footage

If you’re just starting to watch the flag football, what I’d recommend is to start watching with NFL Super Bowl matches. With its both shots and commentaries your understanding of the game will be smoother, besides you’ll have the chance to watch the favourite moments of the match and have fun.

1. American Flag Football
League Finals: Godspeed vs. Fighting Cancer

It is a highlight video, which I believe that highlights are easier to watch for those who do not know the rules of the game. This is why I picked that one. Additionally, all lines were later coloured on the video. The line that firstly was red and then turned blue after the ball throw is the “line of scrimmage” and the red line is the firstdown line. Line of scrimmage shows us where to put the ball and where the down will start. After the ball is snapped (that is, the ball is removed from the ground and thrown to the quarterback player on the back) the counter placed behind the Line of Scrimmage line shows us the seven seconds limit of the quarterback player in order to pass. In the meantime quarterback can pass the ball either to a player in front or behind the scrimmage line. These lines and counters make it easier to keep track of the game.

Besides we can clearly see the positions since it is a highlight video and has footages both in close and slow motion. Commentaries also help since it uses both terms and explain the match excitingly. Fighting Cancer is an amateur team which beats a pro team formed by NFL players: Godspeed. It is an incredible match and result. After watching this video you’ll definitely have an idea about the game and want to see at least another match. Then, you can watch this match I’d like to suggest. It’s another highlight video; however, you will be enjoying every highlight move in this video.

2. American Flag Football League Amateur Finals: Fighting Cancer vs. The Money Team

In addition to the money award, the winner of this game will have a chance to play against a pro bracket” team. Thus it is an intense match, that we surely know of. The Fighting Cancers got the right to play with Godspeed (the previous video) by winning this match. Every second of this video is fun to watch; yet. the touchdown in the seventh minute is something to watch. You should absolutely watch this match after you understand better of the game. Now that you grew up and the highlight videos are no longer enough for you, you can watch match videos.

3. IFAF Flag Football World Championships Panama: USA vs Austria

Unfortunately. the footage is not as qualified as the previous ones and there is no commentary. Yet, after that video we don’t need much of an explanation since you are at a level to understand it. Time to time the video has downs which makes it easy to follow. There are different rules compared to the American Flag Football, but since there are no commentaries perhaps you didn’t notice; so, let me explain it for you. In the American league, players can pass among each other beyond the scrimmage line while you can only pass one time forward in the World Flag Football Championship that the International American Football Federation (IFAF) held.

As for me, I believe that this limits the variations throughout the game and decreases the enjoyment of the game; because, it steers the game where personal abilities show themselves rather than a team play. As for the advantages of this rule we get the chance to see many talents. For instance the American offense number 7’s nice foot work at 4.30, another American offense player number 20’s touchdown at 5.00, last but not least, American offense number 17’s leaning over and passing the defense at 7.45

4. 2019 American Flag Football League Finals: Fighting Cancer vs. The Money Team

This is the rematch of the previous game we watched in the highlight video. In 2018, these two teams playing against each other again to win the money award, but most importantly to play with a pro team; and this is a marvellous reason to watch the game. Plus, the shooting and the commentaries of this exciting game is also high quality. Let’s see if the Fighting Cancers will make it two in two or the Money Team will take the revenge on last year? Who improved better? Have a good time watching!

5. IFAF Flag Football World Championship 2018 – Mexico vs. Israel 

Hey! Welcome to the Women’s League! It’s the same championship’s feminino part. It is a hectic women’s flag football match between Mexico and Israel. I don’t know whose idea was to record the game behind the wires, but let’s watch it.

At exactly 1.50 we see a splendous touchdown by the Israeli quarterback. At 2.40 Mexican offense player number 18 creates a good distance by making beautiful waist turns. Number 2 and 12 from Mexico’s offense also had put an amazing performance, we can say that there are stars of the match.

6. IFAF Flag Football World Championship 2018 – Mexico vs. USA

From the first minute, American defense player number 1 performs an incredible interception, and after that we see beautiful faking moves. We can easily say that this match will be pretty much amusing. A show business sense coming from the American culture will also increase the pleasure you get from the game while watching it.

7. IFAF Flag Football World Championship 2018 – Panama vs. Mexico

On the fourth day of the championship, there is Panama vs Mexico game which you will absolutely be caught from the first minute.

The game starts with the touchdown of the Panama’s offense player number 70, it follows a  great score from number 18 of team Mexico. The shooting of this game is far better than others. It’s been shot both from behind and overhead. This way you can keep track on the incredible moves a lot easier. It is a dynamic and aggressive match which you’ll surely enjoy.

8. American Flag Football League Pro Bracket Finals; Godspeed vs Ocho

Now let’s see the pro’s matches.

There are many narrations of the beautiful highlights of Godspeed’s player Seneca Wallace. It is well explained with commentaries and slow motions that how things are done properly, thus you can see them clearly.

Thanks guys for reading and watching with me. My name is Zeynep Sezer, and I am currently playing as a wide receiver in Boğaziçi Sultans Flag Football Team at Boğaziçi University.

Boğaziçi Sultans Flag Football Team has established in 2017. In 2019, our team got the third place in İstanbul Flag Football League. Don’t forget to follow me and Boğaziçi Sultans Flag Team for other quality content!

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